Trust Deed Listings

See the table below for a sample selection of Trust Deed Summaries from our current and recent trust deed listings.  Please note that we pride ourselves on funding quickly once we get to the point where a Trust Deed Summary is generated.  Thus, most, if not all, of these trust deeds will already be sold to investors.
For the most up-to-date information regarding available trust deeds, contact us.


Loan Amount LTV Term Interest Rate Property Type Location Trust Deed Summary (PDF)
$100,000 33% 36 months 8% SFR Oceanside
$60,000 47% 36 months 12% Land Valley Center
$650,000 67% 36 months 8.00% Purchase – SF Carlsbad
$100,000 10% 36 months 7.50% Refi – SF Carmel Valley
$410,000 50% 24 months 8.50% Land Carmel Valley


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